We interviewed four major brands to understand how they leverage digital ads to successfully run their company-wide events. When you look at the final results, it will seem like a real no-brainer to begin hosting your own.

But all four brands admitted that their events required some trial and error before they became wholly successful — and getting agent buy-in was the most difficult piece. Though the brands tried various incentives to boost agent enthusiasm and participation, they agreed that one tactic worked best: Digital open house ads run on behalf of their agents (and paid for by the company).

In this in-depth case study, you'll get detailed information and customer thoughts on:

The basic details
What they call their events and how they organize and communicate the details to agents.

How they got buy-in
See how each brand leverages company-paid ads to drive traffic and agent participation.

How they run the ads
Two brands use Boost by HomeSpotter to run their digital ads, while the other two brands manually place their own ads. See how each process works.

Their results
From increased brand awareness, to a boost in web traffic, to thousands of brand-new buyer and mortgage leads — see how these brands are benefitting from way more than a simple boost in open house events.